Who are AMTA?

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) is the peak body for the mobile telecommunications industry. Its members include Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Samsung, HTC and Ericsson. AMTA was formed 20 years ago to not only promote innovative mobile telecommunications technologies and long-term business success, but to also maximise the beneficial impacts by engaging with the community.

What does road safety mean to AMTA?

Our industry takes measures to minimise the risks associated with the misuse of mobile technology. We believe the positive far outweighs the negative, however, we provide practical advice to prevent misuse and promote safe, responsible and affordable use of mobile telecommunications.

AMTA works with governments, regulators and the community to achieve regulatory settings, policy outcomes and programs that promote an industry that is:

  1. Environmentally sustainable
  2. Economically successful
  3. Socially responsible and in step with community needs and expectations.

AMTA acknowledges the real risks involved in mobile phone use while driving. However, we believe that adhering to existing laws and providing drivers with clear information on how to comply with laws will assist them to drive in a safer manner and reduce risks on the road.  AMTA says although hands-free mobile phone use is legal in all states and territories in Australia, it does not mean that it’s appropriate for drivers to use them at all times, particularly when road and traffic conditions are not suitable.

AMTA relies on the latest cutting-edge research which uses in-car cameras on real-world drivers that has found the key to significantly improving safety is for drivers to keep their eyes on the road and avoid visually taxing tasks that take their concentration off the forward roadway. AMTA’s advice is contained in its dedicated road safety website: www.keepyoureyesontheroad.org.au

AMTA works with its members to provide information for employees to change driver behaviour through education and awareness of the dangers of illegal mobile phone use and providing safer alternatives that assist drivers to comply with the law by using their smartphone features to keep their eyes on the road.  It also works with police, police and transport ministers, road traffic authorities and motoring organisations to promote education and awareness of drivers about safer use of mobiles while driving.

AMTA is a member of the Australasian College of Road Safety and sponsored a visit to Australia by one of the world’s leading researchers on driver distractions, Dr Tom Dingus of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

What are AMTA’s NRSPP road safety commitments?

  1. AMTA will act as a champion to improve road safety risk among members: AMTA’s Health and Safety Committee has a driving sub-committee, which represents Telstra, Optus and Vodafone plus major handset manufacturers, including Samsung.
  2. Development of an evidence-based Thought Leadership piece on mobile phone distractions
  3.  Development of good practice mobile phone driving policy: AMTA will complete an audit of members’ policies on this issue and collate and provide our members with a unified best practice policy
  4. Advocate our members to be involved in NRSPP

Actions Delivered

  1.  Assisted the NRSPP in creating the Safe Use of Mobiles in Vehicles Working Group (SUMV) and brought their members, Optus, Samsung, Telstra and Vodafone into it.
  2. Development of NRSPP Thought Leadership Paper on Safe Use of Mobiles in Vehicles
  3. Assisted in the development of the SUMV Guide for the Guide to Developing an Effective Mobile Phone Policy and supporting content.
  4. Attended the launch of the guide at the TAC Road Safety Leadership Forum August 2016.

Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA)'s Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Randal MarkeyCommunications ManagerCommencement Date: 05/12/2014www.amta.org.au
  • Randal MarkeyCommunications Manager