Who are Australian Institute of Health & Safety (AIHS)?

The health and safety profession has a unique voice, and the Australian Institute of Health & Safety seeks to express that voice in a positive way as a contribution to the development of Workplace Health and Safety Policy and practice in Australia. The Institute has an overarching Policy Agenda, which outlines our core beliefs and the key areas of the focus for our policy, and a series of Position Statements, which reflect the views of the Institute on a range of matters at any given time.

Supporting actions delivered by AIHS

  • AIHS 2018 Safety Conference in Melbourne hosted NRSPP grey fleet workshop
  • Promotion of NRSPP selected webinars to AIHS membership and those who attend receive CDP points
  • NRSPP Steering Committee Partner 2018-2021

Australian Institute of Health & Safety (AIHS)'s Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • David ClarkeCEOCommencement Date: 21/03/2018Sector: Health and Safety Industry Associationhttps://www.aihs.org.au/

    What are AIHS’s NRSPP road safety commitments?

    1. Joint events such as webinars on workplace road safety and a stream at its biannual conference in May 2018
    2. Promote and share NRSPP resources

    Supporting actions delivered AIHS

    1. The 2018 Safety Scape Conference held NRSPP first Grey Fleet Safety Management Workshop.
    2. AIHS has attended several NRSPP Steering Committee meetings.