What is the Australian Driving Institute?

The Australian Driving Institute (ADI), one of Australia’s most trusted providers of Driver Training Services, are a national organisation servicing the needs of a diverse range of industries and client types across all regions of Australia coupled also with International delivery experience and capability. Our dedicated team of Industry leaders have the ability to adapt our programs to meet specific client needs through tailoring various Driver Training models and support systems to identified skills gaps within each unique Fleet. Our programs are fluid and our business is agile in tailoring solutions to support unique requirements as Industries and businesses evolve. The strategies we teach and tools we recommend have a direct impact on retention rates and safe practices for each driver.

What size is ADI’s fleet and/or workforce?

Workforce = 20 + staff across Australia

What sector does ADI operate in?

Education and Consultation

Driver Training and Education, Fleet Consultation services

What does road safety mean to your ADI?

  • Ensuring any person whom operates a vehicle understands and consistently demonstrates the standards of driving that ensures not only their safety and wellbeing but all other road users.
  • Every driver and every company that is required to drive must take the step of educating, motivating and changing the attitudes and behaviours to bring our country in line with other far more advanced and much more heavily populated nations.
  • Supporting our Clients in achieving their key objectives and targets in minimising their incident rates, operating at world’s best practice and providing each client with a bespoke suite of tools to support their ongoing fleet and road safety management
  • Be it specialised, advanced, defensive, truck, motorbike, personal protection, whatever your needs,  ADI programs are based on a Needs Risk Analysis to ensure you get the very best outcomes whilst ensuring value for money.
  • ADI believes that driver training is not only about the initial assessment and delivery of content but also the ongoing performance management and continual safety of all drivers.

Australian Driving Institute's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Courtney South Business Development Manager Commencement Date: 02/09/2020Sector: Education and Consultation; Driver Training and Education, Fleet Consultation serviceshttps://www.austdrive.com/

    Why become a Program Partner?

    • To engage and consult with Industry throughout our quest to support organisations in achieving their Road Safety targets.
    • To engage in professional development, research and continuous improvement opportunities
    • To collaborate and partner with like minded organisations on joint projects that support and bolster road safety initiatives

    What are the actions ADI will undertake to support road safety through the NRSPP?

    • ADI will hold three free webinars through NRSPP on topics
      • How to effectively clean and sanitise your vehicle to minimise the spread of COVID-19 scheduled for 14 Oct
      • How to effectively maintain your vehicle during periods of non-use scheduled for 21 October
      • How to prepare for holiday road trips, scheduled  for start of December
    • Collaboration on social media messaging between NRSPP and ADI with Did You Knows