Who are AGL?

AGL is a publicly–listed Australian company, provides energy products and services to the Australian economy. The company is involved in both the generation and retailing of electricity for residential and commercial use.

One key aspect of HSE Action plans is the conduct of ‘safety and wellbeing conversations’. A safety and wellbeing conversation is a tool for ensuring leaders and employees participate in open discussions about safe and healthy behaviour, with a view to challenging and preventing unsafe or unhealthy behaviour, improving the safety culture and decreasing the injury rate. Road safety is considered a key part of those conversations.

What is AGL’s fleet make-up?

AGL recognised through the Utilities Forum that its entire fleet demographic.

Passenger: 55
Light Commercial: 124
Heavy Vehicles: 64
Hire Vehicles: 64
TOTAL:  193

How far does your fleet travel?

Urban % 45%
Rural % 55%
Urban km (estimate only) 2,764,092.59
Rural km (estimate only) 3,403,098.60
Passenger km 1,590,753.84
Light Commercial Vehicle km 3,893,005.85
Heavy Vehicle km 683,431.50
Hire Vehicle km 1,731,056.92
Total km 6,167,191.19

What are AGL’s NRSPP road safety commitments?

  1. Provide guidance and direction for establishment of NRSPP Utility Forum
  2. To participate in the NRSPP Utility Forum

AGL's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Luke Bonnor and Carlos OllesHSE Manager, Systems, Reporting & Data; HSE Data and Reporting ManagerCommencement Date: 11/06/2015
  • Luke BonnorHSE Manager, Systems, Reporting & Data

    Actions Delivered

    1. Was a founding partner of the NRSPP Utilities Forum
    2. Attended the 2015Utilities Forum in 2015 held in Adelaide