Who are Australasian Fire And Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC)?

AFAC is the Australian and New Zealand National Council for fire, emergency services and land management, creating synergies across the emergency management sector. Our members support mitigation and response phases of emergency management across multiple hazards.

AFAC’s strategic direction supports resilient communities through risk reduction; provides trusted response; forms the source of credible and timely information; engages effective governance and resource management and is informed by research. Principles that inform all of our activities are primacy of life, trust, interoperability and accountability.

What are AFAC’s NRSPP road safety commitments?

AFAC is based around a collaborative model with six key areas of focus:

  1. Emergency Management Practice
  2. Community Safety & Engagement
  3. Knowledge & Research
  4. Capability Development
  5. Regulations & Standards
  6. Business & Workforce Management

Australasian Fire And Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC)'s Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Lorna O'Dwyer and Sandra LunardiManager Human Resources and Director Workforce Development

    AFAC was part of the NRSPP Driver Headspace Working Group as this was recognised as a major concern and risk to its member’s workers.