3M's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Cade TurnerBusiness Leader, Transportation Safety Division – Australia & New ZealandCommencement Date: 03/05/2019Sector: 3M Australia Pty Ltd

    Briefly describe your organisation:

    3M’s Vision: We are committed to improving our business, our planet, and every life.

    It’s our Vision statement. But more than that it’s a personal calling for 3M employees everywhere. A daily prescription to apply our science, our curiosity and our resources to the world’s challenges, problems, needs, and opportunities.

    3M is a manufacturer of various road and workplace safety solutions.

    What sector does your organisation operate within?

    Roads & Infrastructure, Vehicle Registration, Mining, and Transportation.

    What size is your fleet or the number of staff who generate your transport or travel?

    Approximately 400

    Describe what road safety means to your organisation?

    3M pioneered retroreflective sheeting in the 1930’s.  Since then, we have played a key role globally, investing in R&D to advance road safety. We are also a founding partner of the UN’s Road Safety Trust from 2012.

    Does your organisation have a 5 star or safer vehicle purchasing policy?


    What action(s) could your organisation do to support road safety through the NRSPP & by when?

    1. Case study with key customer on the value of being seen and how that reduces risk. – September 2019 and webinar.
    2. Sharing global research on evidence-based conspicuity markings for heavy vehicles.
    3. Q&A input, as required56

    Actions Delivered

    1. Re:act 2019 NSW Panel: Young people “sharing the responsibility” on our roads