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  • Road Safety Research Institutions

    ARRB Group

    ARRB Group

    For over 50 years, ARRB Group Ltd (ARRB) has provided trusted advice, technical expertise and solutions to transport and road agencies across the world. ARRB is a recognised leader in the development of the Safe System vision for road transport. ARRB and its members recognise the critical role they play in supporting one another to improve productivity, safety, sustainability and amenity outcomes for the public.

    Key strategies include:

    conducting multi-disciplinary programs of research on national priorities for Austroads
    consulting services for members and the industry
    creating a hub for road industry knowledge and experience which provides certainty and reliability in information
    expanding knowledge sharing and transfer activities to meet industry needs
    developing and commercialising innovative technology and systems.
    ARRB Group’s capabilities cover the full spectrum of road transport operations including:

    materials, pavement and concrete design and testing
    transport policy, operations and economics
    infrastructure asset management
    bridge management and evaluation
    equipment manufacture and data collection services
    road safety
    traffic engineering & road design
    heavy vehicle testing and simulation
    climate change
    land transport resources and information
    knowledge transfer and capacity building.

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  • Road Safety Research Institutions

    Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q, part of the Queensland University of Technology)

    The Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) is one of the leading centres in Australia dedicated to research, education and outreach activities in road safety, and is a vital player in the international pursuit of road safety. CARRS-Q exemplifies an approach to shaping and informing public debate that works through long-term partnerships with key government and industry bodies.

    The growing skill base of the Centre and the acquisition of key research infrastructure, such as the Advanced Driving Simulator, positions CARRS-Q in an ideal situation to expand the scope and significance of its activities. Over recent years, the Centre has established a growing international profile in new areas such as injury prevention among young adults, motorcycle and bicycle safety, intelligent transport systems (ITS), road safety infrastructure, workforce safety, and professional road safety training and capacity building.

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  • Road Safety Research Institutions

    Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR, part of the University of Adelaide)

    The Centre for Automotive Safety Research at the University of Adelaide, is internationally recognised as a leading research organisation in its field.

    The Centre conducts high quality independent research that enables rational decision making, leading to a reduction in the human and economic losses from road crashes.

    The Centre is focused on:

    Conducting multidisciplinary research to understand how road crashes and the resulting injuries are caused
    Proposing and evaluating ways to prevent crashes and injuries
    Providing independent professional advice on road safety matters to government and non-government organisations in Australia and overseas.

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  • Road Safety Research Institutions

    Curtin - Monash Accident Research Centre (C-MARC)

    C- MARC has been established to identify the latest local, national and international findings and practices in transport and other accident safety. C-MARC is initially researching key road safety problems in Western Australia, as means to assist in further reducing the State’s road toll.

    Our Mission is: To be a Centre of excellence in road and other injury research and the translation of that research into policy and practice that will impact on government, industry and the wider community.

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  • Road Safety Research Institutions

    Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC)

    The Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) was established in 1987 and is Australia’s largest and most respected transport safety research centre. Their research, consultancy and training include safety across all modes of transport.

    MUARC’s work is conducted across six priority areas:

    Behavioural safety science
    Human factors
    Injury analysis and data
    Global engagement
    Regulation and in-depth crash investigations
    Safe system strategies and road infrastructure

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  • Road Safety Research Institutions

    Transport and Road Safety Research (TARS, part of the University of NSW)

    Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research is a research group at UNSW dedicated entirely to road and transport safety research. The philosophy of the road and transport safety research focus at the TARS is the safe system principle, commonly used in occupational health and safety and adopted by the Australian Transport Council in 2004. This requires a multi-disciplinary approach to road safety research and policy development, where researchers focus on Safer Roads, Safer Vehicles, and Safer People and their integration into a Safe System.

    TARS research is structured around the essential disciplines needed for an effective transport and road safety research centre: safety policy and systems, psychology, human factors, engineering and crashworthiness, information technology systems, biomechanics, biostatistics, epidemiology, and social sciences.

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