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  • National Government Bodies

    National Transport Commission

    The National Transport Commission (NTC) is an inter-governmental agency charged with improving the productivity, safety and environmental performance of Australia’s road, rail and intermodal transport system. The NTC develops and submits reform recommendations for approval to the Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure (SCOTI)

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  • National Government Bodies

    Transport and Infrastructure Council

    The Council’s objective is to achieve a co-ordinated and integrated national transport and infrastructure system that is efficient, safe, sustainable, accessible and competitive.  Achieving this objective will support and enhance Australia’s economic development and social and environmental well-being.

    National cooperation through the Council will seek to maximise the contribution of effective transport and infrastructure to Australia’s productivity.  The Council will undertake critical reforms for Australia that will drive future prosperity.
    Improved transport and infrastructure across Australia will help to create a more liveable Australia, with transport and infrastructure integrated into urban and regional planning to foster an inclusive Australia.

    The Council’s high level policy responsibilities include:

    • Surface transport;
    • Transport safety and security;
    • Promotion of more efficient and environmentally conscious transport, including through vehicle emission standards and national cycling promotion;
    • Infrastructure policy and investment, including road, rail and ports; and
    • Infrastructure and related land use planning.

    The Council operates under the COAG Council System and Best Practice Secretariat Operations.

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