Driving is unpredictable and requires 100% of a driver’s attention at all times. This webinar will particularly focus on communication technology as a distraction, and will explore how employers can tackle driver distraction within their fleets.

Using a phone at the wheel, whether hand-held or hands-free, significantly increases the risk of a driver being involved in a crash. Hear from academics and practitioners about how to eliminate and mitigate the distraction of communication technology.

This webinar is being held in the run-up to Road Safety Week NZ 2018, which has the theme Belt up, phone off – make it a habit. Further information on the week can be found at www.roadsafetyweek.org.nz.

Our academic and practitioner speakers will discuss:

  • why distraction is an important road safety issue, and why drivers get distracted
  • the addictiveness and distractions of different technologies
  • policies to help mitigate driver distraction
  • measures to help employers identify drivers who may be distracted at the wheel
  • measures to raise awareness of distraction through education and communication programmes

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Adrian Stephenson, Senior Education and Advertising Advisor, New Zealand Transport Agency

Who should attend? Anyone with responsibility for people who drive on work purposes such as fleet managers, senior management, HR, health & safety professionals and driver trainers, and anyone else with an interest in driver fatigue such as insurers, fleet suppliers, academics.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the webinar attendees will:

  • understand some of the causes of driver distraction, the risks posed by it, and the importance of tackling it;
  • be able to identify measures that may assist their organisation to tackle distraction.

This webinar is FREE to attend. To register, complete our online form or email [email protected].