Making vehicle and road safety a central focus of fleet management has delivered major bottom line savings, particularly in insurance costs, and significant crash reductions for not-for-profit UnitingCare.

Driven by an inspired funding model that guaranteed management support and sustained improvement, impressive results have driven a strong, self-perpetuating safety culture. UnitingCare has developed and embraced new ways of promoting road safety that includes development of unique video resources and the utilisation of social media platforms, eLearning and eMeeting’s to deliver this training and messages.

All of this achieved through collaboration with external institutions, companies and individuals.

Our Presenter: 
Mark Stephens
UnitingCare Queensland

Mark Stephens has been UnitingCare’s Fleet Operations Manager since 2005 after joining the organisation in the mid-1990s. Before that, Mark worked for 15 years in local government as a diesel fitter, giving him a thorough understanding of the daily challenges fleet drivers face. Mark’s role has seen him develop fleet safety, fleet management and environmental fleet practices for UnitingCare Queensland as well as a lead for other UnitingCare agencies nationally and the fleet management sector.