Sometimes, even with the appropriate equipment, training and systems things go wrong.

Drawing on case studies at Toll Group, this presentation explores some of the psycho-social factors at play when incidents occur. It touches on theories related to optimism bias, deterrence theory, narrative coherence, peer group regulation and self-regulation.

Originally presented at the Transportation Research Board in Washington in January 2020, this presentation encourages us to ‘go deeper’ in our thinking about the roots of non-compliant behaviour.

This webinar will be presented by Dr. Sarah Jones

Dr Sarah Jones is the General Manager Road Transport Safety and Compliance for Toll Group. Prior to joining Toll in 2014 she was a Director at the National Transport Commission where she worked on the Heavy Vehicle National Law and the supporting compliance framework, as well as C-ITS projects. Jones is one of the country’s foremost experts in transport safety and regulation. Her principal interest is the relationship between rules and human behaviour.