The final webinar in our 2021 WorkWell series, ‘Take the wheel: Leading mental health in transport, postal and logistics’. will focus on ways leaders can create supportive, inclusive workplaces where people feel valued, respected and can do their best work.

Given we can spend a third of our life at work, it makes sense to consider how work affects our mental health, and whether our workplaces benefit or hinder our wellbeing. Frontline in our public transport and postal industries can bear the brunt of fatigue and isolation as we move into the peaks of the Christmas period. Creating workplaces where the people who are delivering our core business functions can thrive and stay mentally well across these peaks and troughs makes good sense for everyone.

Hear from industry leaders

Join our guest host, Adrian Panozzo, as he chats with industry leaders in transport, postal and logistics who are delivering projects that make a difference and learn:

  1. What do we mean by a mentally healthy workplace?
  2. How can leaders worker start conversations that build mentally safe workplaces?
  3. What steps can you take to make a difference to your workplace?
Adrian Panozzo


Project manager, Civil Contractors Federation Victoria

Rachel Palmer

Senior Consultant, Transitioning Well, Ageing Workforce Ready Program

Eliza Cooper

Consultant Psychologist, Communicorp Group, Postal Network Outreach Program

Nicholas Duck

Head, Opposite, Simplify Program