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Monash University, in collaroration with Melbourne University, Curtin University and Portland State University and its partner organisations (Main Roads WA, Transport Accident Commission, VicRoads, Amy Gillett Foundation, Cycling Promotion Fund) have undertaken a large and comprehensive study aimed to enhance cycling activity while addressing safety concerns. The study has taken an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach through in-depth analysis of contributing factors and development of Australia’s first bicycle simulator to understand the issues contributing to cyclist injury with a particular focus on the urban road environment.

The final component is a public seminar, designed to bring together international and national experts to identify best practice measures for the way forward in creating a safe environment for cyclists.


Brian Deegan is one of the UK’s leading street design engineers and was co-author of the London Cycling Design Standards. With a background in engineering, he has also led high-profile policy and planning projects. He helped develop Transport for London’s Healthy Street Check.

Dale Bracewell is the Manager of Transportation Planning for the City of Vancouver (Canada). Dale and his team lead the citywide and community planning implementation of Transportation 2040, the city’s long range transportation plan for all modes, including funding strategies and coordination with regional and provincial transportation plans and policies.

Divera Twisk started her career in traffic safety in the Traffic Research Centre in Groningen, but later joined TNO to study the effects of prolonged exposure to low doses of organic solvents on the Central Nervous System. She returned to safety when she was offered a position at SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, and for the last 20 years she worked in the field of novice drivers, accident analyses, training, human factors, naturalistic driving and cycling, and cycling behaviour.

Alex van Gent is a project manager and an all-round transport planner, with extensive knowledge in the field of urban traffic and transport. His experience has been built up predominantly in the area of urban transport, transport policy, active transport and road safety.

Jennifer Dill is a professor of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University, and director of TREC, PSU’s Transportation Research and Education Center. Her research aims to understand people’s everyday travel decisions, with a focus on bicycling, walking, and transit.

Monash Cycling Research Showcase Presentations

Monash researchers will showcase current research initiatives. The presentations will cover a range of topics including the design of infrastructure to facilitate safe cycling in urban areas, bicycle access to railway stations, the design of a modular bike parking system, evolving use of the Melbourne bike sharing system and big data.