Join MUARC on Tuesday, 28 February as we present a webinar on our most recent reports from the Vehicle Safety Research Group.

Professor Stuart Newstead will firstly discuss the ‘Benefits of additional vehicle safety technology to novice drivers – Australia and New Zealand’. This report evaluates the potential road safety benefits for young drivers of three vehicle driver-assist systems: autonomous emergency braking (AEB), lane keep active assist systems (LKAA) and electronic stability control (ESC).

The webinar will guide viewers through the results and explain why young driver crash savings can be expected to greatly increase if the fitment of these technologies is maximised in Australasia.

Dr D’Elia will then discuss, ‘Evaluation of the effectiveness of Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)’.

This study presents an evaluation of the road safety benefits of DRLs in terms of the impact of DRLs currently present in the fleet on casualty crash risk reflecting the Australian crash population and local conditions. Australian crash data was used to broadly capture the newer type of LED DRLs now commonly fitted on new vehicles.

The session will be chaired by Associate Professor Sjaan Koppel. Places are limited, so please reserve yours.

Register by clicking here.