With Australian summers becoming hotter and wetter each year, emergency response teams are gearing up for one of their most challenging seasons yet. But extreme weather events will not be the only threat over the coming months. To confront the challenges of Covid-19, Ambulances are running at full capacity, police are patrolling to keep restrictions under control – with the fire and flood season on the way.

Now more than ever, emergency services organisations are the turning to data and technology to ensure their systems are optimised in the face of a busy season ahead. Join us as we speak with industry leaders to hear how they are preparing their systems to cope with pressure form both health and weather events in the 2021 and 2022 summer season.

  • Hear about optimised technology can improve emergency response times
  • Learn about the most relevant datasets available to feed into CAD systems
  • Understand how geospatial technology can be leveraged to its full potential to assist drivers in-cabin