IRF (Geneva) together with Qatar Transportation & Traffic Safety Center and Qatar University are pleased to present the International Course on Safe Urban Street Design for Vulnerable Road Users to be held from 4th to 6th December 2018 in Doha – Qatar.

All road users deserve a safe road. “Vulnerable” Road Users such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, public transport users, non-motorized vehicles and cyclists are at greater risk than vehicle occupants and usually bear the greatest burden of injury during road crashes. In some countries Vulnerable Road Users represent more than 70% of the fatalities. This percentage is about thirty percent (30%) in Qatar. Too often these fatalities and serious injuries are due to high speeds of traffic and the lack of separation between these fast moving motorized vehicles and vulnerable users.

Children, elderly, and disabled people are particular vulnerable, as their physical and mental skills are either not fully developed or they are especially fragile. Children and older people are often overrepresented in traffic fatalities, especially as vulnerable road users.

This course discusses the reasons pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, public transportation vehicles and non-motorized vehicles are involved in impacts that result in fatalities and serious injuries. The corrective actions, including education, enforcement and engineering actions that can be taken to reduce these impacts are also presented in detail.

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