Effective use of data is an essential part of any fleet safety programme, from proactively using it to identify prevention measures, to reactively analysing incidents. Organisations may receive data from numerous sources, whether from telematics systems, vehicle monitoring, driver and manager reporting of incidents and near misses and/or other systems, but not only is it important to collect the data, it’s also vital that it is used effectively in order to help reduce your road risk.

This webinar will discuss:

  • how to work with your suppliers to ensure you get the data you need
  • effective analysis of data and trends to identify risks and prevention measures to mitigate them
  • latest developments in data insights
  • examples of how organisations use data to best effect

Who should attend?

Representatives of any organisation in the world that employs people who drive for work, including:

  • Fleet managers
  • Health and safety managers
  • Transport managers
  • HR professionals

The webinar is also relevant for road safety NGOs, fleet suppliers, insurers, fleet risk management and driver training providers.

This webinar is kindly sponsored by: Inseego

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