Learning Event Bulletins are a tool to assist with learning from unwanted events and/or threats in order to reduce the occurrence of high potential incidents.

How to get the most value from this Bulletin:

Managers and HSE Advisers:

·       Forward this email to your front-line leaders (e.g. supervisors).

Front-line leaders:

·       Print the Bulletin and post it to notice boards.

·       Discuss the Bulletin at site safety meetings (e.g. toolbox sessions, pre-start meetings, pre-tours).  It is important that this discussion is two-way.  Provide information about the Learning Event and lessons learnt AND use it as a chance to discuss “Could this happen to us?”

·       Provide feedback to Safer Together using the link at the bottom of the Bulletin by end November, 2018.  Safer Together will collate feedback received, and issue a follow-up communication during December.

Front line workers:

·       Actively participate in discussions about this Bulletin.

·       Ask your front-line leader to provide the opportunity to discuss the Bulletin with your work crew.

·       Help your front-line leader provide feedback to Safer Together.

·       Look out for our follow-up communication based on your feedback, and the feedback from others.

To access our Library of Learning Event Bulletins click here.