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Throughout history, technological advancements have often outpaced their social and regulatory understanding and acceptance. Automated Vehicles (AVs) have the ability to fundamentally change our mobility systems right across the globe. However, there are several barriers to their introduction.

Australian governments and industry are currently undertaking trials of AV technology and it is likely commercial availability of these vehicles will be available sometime in the future. Risks associated with wide uptake of AVs include increased congestion, social division and inequality due to cost and accessibility, economic decline through loss of jobs, and community rejection. Many barriers have been discussed in previous webinars including the readiness of our infrastructure, pricing and insurance.

The purpose of this Thought Starter is to provoke discussion about both social and regulatory barriers which may limit the take-up of Level 4 and 5 AVs in Australia. ADVI has identified three key stakeholder groups (consumers, regulators, and manufacturers) which will be affected by four main barriers.

These barriers are:

  • Cyber security and privacy
  • Social licence
  • Informed usage and control
  • Level of safety required

Panelists include:
Anna Sawyer – Manager Road Safety, RAC
Dickson Leow – Principal Technology Leader, Future Transport Technology, ARRB
Katherine Teh – Managing Director, Futureye
Daniel Abbas – Director – Technology, Futureye
Glenn Keys – Co-founder and Co-Executive Chairman, Aspen Medical

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