Event Description (from Registration Webpage)

3M Transportation Safety Webinar Series 02

For eight years, our guest speaker, Peter Frazer, Founder and President of Safer Australian Roads and Highways Inc. (SARAH Group), has been championing the need for road networks and infrastructure to meet and comply with safety standards. Join Peter as he provides the human side of why lives depend on meeting these standards – an issue that became Peter’s reality when his daughter, Sarah, was killed by a distracted truck driver on the Hume Freeway, south of Sydney, NSW.

This webinar will delve into the perception that building safety into infrastructure is a cost and not an investment. During this session we will explore how we can reduce fatalities and serious injuries by not only ensuring we meet standards, but by also showing network managers why the science of continuous improvement, directly benefits our community. Also, gain insights on key standards that keep Australian and New Zealand road networks amongst the safest in the world.

Key Takeaways

How standards that govern the way we build and maintain our road network have a direct impact on the number and severity of crashes.

Understand how the science of retro-reflectivity and continuous improvement in road transportation networks can reduce traffic accidents and fatalities.

More humanistic perspectives on the questions: If we are willing to compromise on standards, what are we saying a life is worth? What if that life is of someone you love?