IRF (Geneva) is pleased to join hands with CNPAC, the National Traffic Accidents Committee in Morocco and to support the 1st African Road Safety Forum, to be held from 13 to 15 November 2018 in Marrakesh – Morocco.

According to the World Health Organization’s 2015 Road Safety Situation Report, nearly 1.25 million people die every year on the roads despite progress in this area. Although the number of road fatalities is stabilizing, WHO statistics also point out that not all road users in the world enjoy the same level of protection. Indeed, in low- and middle-income countries, 90% of road traffic deaths are accounted for by the fact that they account for only 54% of vehicles in circulation worldwide. It is also in Africa that we record the highest number of road deaths per population, 26.6 killed per 100,000 inhabitants.

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