What is the focus of this webinar?

Did you know that driver distraction is one of the biggest causes of serious injuries and fatalities on Australian roads? In fact, research estimates that 1 in 4 vehicle crashes on our roads are caused by distracted or inattentive drivers. Drivers who are sleep deprived are subject to many neurocognitive consequences, including increased distractibility.

Research shows that individuals who have chronic sleep deprivation adapt to feelings of tiredness and do not report feeling a sense of sleepiness. However, they display the same decreases in psychomotor vigilance, working memory and cognitive performance, as someone who has not slept for two days. These drivers experience the same consequences as acutely sleep deprived drivers, with increased distractibility, but these symptoms are often hidden or unrecognised.

Who is our presenter?

Connect in and hear from Dr Carmel Harrington who has been working in the world of sleep for nearly 20 years. She is a former lawyer and educator, has a PHD in Sleep Medicine from Sydney University, and consults with companies and educational institutions both here and overseas on sleep health.