Tool Box Talks (TBT) are a critical information tool in the transport industry, particularly in 7 improving safety performance. TBT are typically kept to a small and manageable timeframe of 15- 8 20 minutes and are designed to convey important information and actively promote further 9 discussion. A major issue though is many are developed internally resulting in them not being 10 evidence based or engaging for the workers causing a ‘tick and flick’ approach. The NRSPP 11 identified this issue and opted to develop 24 light vehicle focused topics. A leader in the heavy 12 vehicle sector requested similar batches be developed for them. Recognising significant differences 13 exist between the heavy and light sectors, the NRSPP took an industry collaboration and design 14 approach to developing 22 topics for this sector. In particular, to resonate with truck drivers the 15 TBT must be drivers talking with drivers, this paper explores the development process, industry 16 buy-in and outputs.

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