Kangaroos, cattle, torrential rain and the occasional ten-car-long road train – these are just some of the things you might encounter on Queensland outback roads. It’s a jungle out there. Well, up in the far north it is. Meanwhile, if you head inland, you’ll find some of the driest and flattest outback on earth. This is the beauty of Queensland – there’s so much diversity within the one state. But within that diversity lies unexpected challenges for drivers from the city or other parts. You never know for sure what’s just around the next bend. In this booklet we explain how to pass a road train and what to do so you don’t hit an animal. You’ll get timely tips on preparing your vehicle, planning your trip and surviving the drive. An overview of Australian road rules is also included – essential reading for drivers from overseas. For the safety of you and your passengers we encourage you to read this booklet before you head off – then keep it in your glove box for reference once you hit the road.