No. of Staff: 400+

Fleet Size: 268 Prime Movers, 610 Trailer Units

Key Outcomes:

  • Technological advances introduced to improve safety also make it easier for truck drivers to do their jobs
  • Explaining why safety initiatives, particularly technology-based programs, are being introduced and outlining the benefits to the company and the driver increases acceptance by the workforce
  • Drivers appreciate management ‘walking the talk’ and regularly riding with them to see how safety and other measures translate practically in the real world
  • Technology-based safety programs must be monitored, with driver input, to ensure they work as intended and necessary practical improvements made
  • Showing drivers the data collected by in vehicle monitoring systems and how it is used to improve safety dispels the ‘Big Brother’ myth
  • Safety improvements translate to bottom line benefits through increased productivity, such as
    higher allowable payloads


When you transport dangerous goods, quality safety procedures are mandatory – both for the company and for drivers. Scott Corporation uses cutting-edge technology to fulfil that obligation. Most importantly, drivers have accepted safety programs because they have been consulted before programs are introduced and understand the benefits to them and their employer.