Heavy vehicle safety is a serious issue for the New South Wales Government. While their numbers make up only 2.5 per cent of NSW motor vehicle registrations and 7 per cent of kilometres travelled by all NSW vehicles, heavy vehicles are involved in around 20 per cent of all road fatalities. This is not to say they are always the at fault vehicle, but their size and mass make any crash a serious one. Improvements to heavy vehicle design and safety features have made a proven contribution to reducing the number and severity of crashes. The NSW Centre for Road Safety, Transport for NSW independently reviewed a wide range of crash avoidance and harm minimising technologies currently available on the market. Every technology described in this publication has a safety benefit. Some technologies have additional benefits such as improving driver and passenger comfort. Some of the more advanced technologies come at a cost but many are very inexpensive and practical to install. Approximately half of these recommended features can be retrofitted to a heavy vehicle. When purchasing your next heavy vehicle or making after-market improvements consider your safety and that of other road users – the technology may save a life! The range of technologies are categorised by type; • Crash avoidance • Protection systems • General safety technologies.