The focus of this Road Safety at Work Zones thematic report is improving safety for both employees and road users in relation to work zone areas on and adjacent to roads. The road work zone (RWZ) is defined as the part of a road facility influenced by works occurring on or near it. The report sets the context by outlining the nature and scope of the problem of road safety at road related work zones including identification of the most significant risk factors and causes of collisions and incidents.

The Road Safety at Work Zones Report then takes a specific look at the various stages involved in working on or near roads namely planning, operation, installation and removal of the works. At each stage key issues in terms of safety are identified and discussed. Subsequently good practice solutions or approaches in terms of RWZ safety have been identified and recommendations for the EU, National governments and Employers in terms of contributing to improved worker safety are suggested. Road Safety at Work Zones topic is pertinent across all Member States where increasing road traffic puts added pressure on road infrastructure potentially increasing the incidence of maintenance works required and, specifically for new Member States, where new and replacement roads are being planned.