On 27 June 2017, Viva Energy hosted the NRSPP “over the Horizon what could be” workshop, facilitated by Origin Energy. The NRSPP has successfully completed its first three years of since its launch on 5 May 2014. At the 2017 February meeting of the SC a new Charter was introduced to assist with the program continuing to evolve. Invitations to the workshop were extended to the SC, a range of Program Partners and the Flight Safety Foundation.

The purpose of the workshop was to:

  • Review what has worked and what hasn’t
  • Develop a strategic path forward to grow the program (i.e. a 3 or 5-year NRSPP Strategy)
  • Identify what is needed to deliver the path (i.e. yearly Action Plans that will deliver the strategy)

At the 15th Steering Committee meeting, kindly hosted by Rio Tinto, the NRSPP Strategy 2017/18 to 2020/21 was ratified.