NRSPP Monthly Bulletin – November 2022 – No. 96

Welcome to the latest newsletter from the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP). NRSPP is a government-supported, industry-led collaborative network which aims to support Australian businesses and organisations to develop a positive road safety culture and help protect their workers and the public, not only during work hours but also when staff are ‘off-duty’.

This Edition Will Cover

  • NRSPP Achievements
  • NRSPP’s Shift Work Heavy Vehicle Toolbox Talk is Out Now!
  • NRSPP Monthly Focus
  • Monthly Feature:
    NRSPP Case Study: State Transit Authority Of New South Wales: Combined Strength: Each Link In ‘Chain’ Helps To Fight Fatigue
  • NRSPP Blog: The Utility Of Fatigue Affects Us All
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NRSPP Monthly Achievements November 2022

  • Heavy Vehicle Toolbox Talks (HVTBT):
    Our November release features Shift Work with drivers from Bingo, Holcim and Toll.
  • NRSPP Program Director Jerome Carslake presented at the Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport – Australia conference in Perth on 25 October. He joined Adam Gibson of NTI in a panel session facilitated by Dr Sarah Jones.
  • The NRSPP Heavy Vehicle Toolbox Talk Working Group met on the 12 October finalising the design for Batch Four – external factors on the road.
  • NRSPP has updated the following quick facts:
  • NRSPP Signs The Everymind National Communications Charter
    • NRSPP signs onto the Everymind National Communications Charter regarding safe language regarding suicide within the road transport system
    • Everymind is a leading institute dedicated to reducing mental ill-health, reducing suicide and improving wellbeing. Everymind developed national guidelines for communicating about suicide on the road network for government, industry and the media. This is demonstrated when Everymind are developing policy, programs and resources to support our stakeholders and community.
    • The collaborative SRTP project identified there is a significant ripple effect following such a traumatic event which can be long lasting and sadly the impact on third parties, particularly truck drivers, is often not fully recognised. A key issue is suicide events on the road network are not documented, and often involve community stigma and therefore go unrecognised so there is little to no support.
    • A key recommendation from the SRTP project was how crucial it is to safely talk about suicide events within the road network which is why the NRSPP will sign the National Communications Charter (The Charter) which is hosted on the Life in Mind portal, a key program delivered by Everymind.