NRSPP has released its monthly newsletter. This newsletter provides updates, information about events, and resources about road safety-related issues.

The monthly January 2015 Bulletin outlines the programs:

  • Achievements
  • Partner in Focus
  • News
  • Resources
  • Featured case study
  • Events
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NRSPP Achievements January 2015

  • Uniting Care Queensland Webinar will take place on the 5 February, the first one for 2015.
  • NRSPP welcomes two new Program Partners and wishes to highlight some of their road safety action commitments:
    • MSA Consulting : Development of a thought leadership piece on how a “business should calculate their customer profitability and what they mean for the businesses safety” which will lead to a webinar in April.
    • Scott Corporation Ltd: Development of a NRSPP case study and expand the use and development of their electronic fatigue management systems.
  • NRSPP presentation at the Chain of Responsibility & Heavy Vehicle Safety Conference in Sydney on the 3 December 2014.