afe Work Australia’s latest notifiable fatalities monthly report has confirmed that the pre-Christmas period is one of the most hazardous times of the year for workers.

Twenty-four work-related fatalities were reported to state and territory OHS regulators in December 2013, up from 20 in November, the report says. December was the second most hazardous month of the year behind March, when 26 work-related deaths were reported, including nine caused by falling objects.

Of the December fatalities, 18 involved vehicles, while two workers (or bystanders) died in falls and two were fatally struck by moving objects (other than vehicles). One worker was fatally struck by a falling object, and another was crushed to death.

A number of safety regulators have warned in recent years that work-related injury and death rates rise in the weeks leading up to Christmas (see this related article for example), with even experienced workers at risk of taking their minds off safety during the busy period.

Vehicle incident’s still remain the highest cause of work related fatalities over double the next cause of workers being hit by falling objects.