The following information is taken from Injury Matters Mental and Physical Safety on our Roads here.

Mental and Physical Safety on our Roads

The MaPS on our Roads program provides information, tips and training to help you navigate your journey to good mental and physical health. Heavy vehicle operators are valued contributors to WA and are relied on for our essential goods and services.

Given the distances travelled on our expansive road network in Western Australia (WA), coupled with an older workforce, investing in the physical and mental health of heavy vehicle operators is vital to help keep drivers safe on our roads.

Your MaP to Recovery: After A Crash

  • Recognise you have been through a stressful event.
  • Use healthy coping strategies that work for you.
  • Talk to someone you trust if you’re not feeling ok.
  • Check-in with your workmate if they have been involved in a road crash.
  • Seek professional support if your concerns are ongoing.

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Your MaP to a Healthy Lifestyle: Fuel Your Body

  • Eat regular meals from a variety of food groups.
  • Make small healthy changes every day.
  • Talk to a GP or health professional about your healthy options.
  • Ask a pharmacist about the side effects of your medication/s.

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Your MaP to Mental Health: Service Your Mind

  • Understand the signs of pressure before it builds.
  • Know the tools to support your mental health.
  • Reach out for support.

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