This Heavy Vehicle Roadworthiness Review Phase One – Report of Current Practice paper is the first step in a program of work being undertaken by the NTC and the NHVR to develop policy to improve the national heavy vehicle roadworthiness system. It provides a survey of current practice in heavy vehicle roadworthiness assurance, including maintenance management inspections regimes and accreditation schemes. A review of available literature and international practices is provided.

This report represents the current status of the first phase of that work, a survey of the available research and practices applied in Australia and internationally to ensure the roadworthiness of heavy vehicles on the road network. The report provides an overview of the diverse approaches used to achieve this outcome, as well as the complexity of the issues that an effective system of roadworthy assurance must address. It provides a factual basis from which to identify opportunities to develop policies and practical measures that can improve the level of roadworthiness of Australia’s heavy vehicle fleet.

The report is published as a working document and will be updated as further data and information on current roadworthiness practices are obtained.