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Health Tips

The purpose of our Health Tips is to give you easy-to-find information that is broken down into small actions to support your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Available tips:

Get Support for you and your family.

Support Line 1800 464 327 – Health in Gear offers free counselling and 24/7 phone support for transport and logistics workers and their families.

There are plenty of people willing to support you. Check out our list of other options here.

Health Checks

Check in, tune up, and get your health in gear! Our free health checks give truck drivers a chance to have a chat with one of our Wellbeing Support Workers and a Nurse about their health and wellbeing, at popular truck stops and service stations.

Learn more about health checks here.


The Share the Load series shares stories from Australian truck drivers and the industry to promote mental health and wellbeing, discuss key industry issues and challenges, and inspire ideas on ways to feel healthier and happier while on the road.

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