Between 2000 and 2005, WA Local Governments made over 5,700 vehicle damage claims, costing over $11 million, as a result of car crashes involving fleet vehicles. From 1995 to 2000, 340 injury claims were reported and, on average, each injury claim meant 28 days of lost work time, which translates into almost $7,000 for each claim. These startling results illustrate how essential it is that we all urgently adopt fleet safety policies to reduce this massive cost to our sphere of Government, and protect our most valuable asset – our people.

You will find a comprehensive but very user-friendly fleet safety resource kit that provides clear guidelines based on ‘best practice’ as to how to implement fleet safety policies. The kit provides an holistic approach to fleet safety, incorporating a wide range of elements such as what to look for in regard to safety when purchasing fleet vehicles and how to improve workplace road safety. By adopting fleet safety policies and practices, WA Local Governments can be proactive and become leaders in fleet safety initiatives.