Fitness for Duty Assessment is developed as  part of the The Livestock Transport Fatigue Management Scheme (LTFMS). The Scheme provides a pre-approved template Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) accreditation system designed to give livestock transporters the flexibility to respond to the dynamic, uncertain and complex livestock transport task. The scheme allows AFM accredited operators to work up to 14 hours on a day, as part of a fortnightly cycle with ‘risk off-setting’ restrictions around driving between midnight and 4am and frequent stops for welfare checking. The implementation guide outlines a step by step process for obtaining AFM accreditation under the scheme and all the necessary policies, procedures and forms on which operators can base their application are provided below. As a pre-approved template, you will not have to present a safety case to the NHVR. Form 2 of 12 – Fitness for Duty Assessment

Use this document as a template for your fatigue risk management system.

This form can be replaced with one from your current system if it is equivalent in the key areas and meets the standards and outcomes.

The key areas in this model document are:

– Section 1A – Sleep in prior 24 and 48 hours

– Section 1B – Sleepiness

– Section 2 – Risk assessment classification


To be completed by a Driver at least once a day to assess the Driver’s fitness for duty at the start of each day.

  1. Complete Section 1 of form in blue/black ink.
  2. Use the hours of sleep recorded in Section 1 to determine risk assessment classification (Section 2)
  3. Use the risk assessment classification to determine suitable controls (Section 3)
  4. Complete Section 4 including risk assessment and risk controls
  5. Place the completed form in [file location 3]