The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) was created to bring together businesses, 5 researchers, and government in a collaborative network and support organisations to improve road 6 safety. This presentation will summarise findings from a program evaluation completed by the 7 Monash University Accident Research Centre, measuring the program’s activities, outputs and 8 impact. The evaluation identified evidence that the NRSPP has increased its engagement in activities 9 including knowledge production, advancement, and dissemination since its inception in 2013. 10 Findings support the program’s influence on key decision-makers, including government, external 11 stakeholders, the research sector, and workplace organisations, as evidenced by reference to the 12 NRSPP in policy papers, scientific reports, and stakeholder materials. Survey results additionally 13 demonstrate the program’s positive contribution to workplace health and safety outcomes (e.g. 14 employee safety knowledge and workplace safety culture), and highlight areas of improvement to 15 inform the future strategic directions of the program.

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