When Ecolab wanted to take the next step on its road safety journey and move from being proactive to predicting and therefore preventing crashes, the company implemented a powerful combination of technology, real-world data and direct driver coaching. The results were immediate and sustained.

Key Outcomes

  • Combining technology, real-world data and direct driver coaching is a powerful combination in improving driving behaviour and much more effective than relying on technology-based solutions in isolation
  • Driver coaching program is more effective when the driver and manager together identify and focus on improving one priority behaviour at a time
  • While all drivers receive training, focusing direct coaching on the riskiest drivers has a greater impact on driver behaviour than routinely coaching all drivers
  • Training responsible managers using real data from their own team that shows actual driver behaviour increases program engagement and pace of implementation
  • Providing drivers with information on their risky driving behaviors can lead to driver self improvement, helping drivers learn and improve
  • Extending safe driving messaging beyond work hours and reinforcing its importance in drivers’ personal lives can help ingrain safe driving behaviours and a safe driving culture
  • Executive leadership support is critical to the success of any safety measure.