Presentation by Ian Ross on the development on the CSG Logistics safety code of practice at the ALC Supply Chain Safety and Compliance Summit: Melbourne 13th August 2014. Ian Ross was the HSE Compliance Senior Advisor – Supply Chain, for Origin Energy.


In 2011, the four major CSG companies in Queensland led by Origin, (as Upstream Operator of the Australia Pacific LNG Project), identified the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) National Logistics Safety Code (NLSC) as the most appropriate tool to assist us to manage and mitigate the potential safety and compliance risk associated with Heavy Vehicles.

Origin has led the development of the CSG Logistics Safety Code of Practice (“Logistics Safety Code”) in partnership with Santos GLNG, Arrow Energy and QGC.

The Logistics Safety Code is managed through our Land Transport Steering Committee which is made up of senior representatives from each of the companies

The Australia Pacific LNG Project would see Origin employees and contractors travel approximately 80 million kilometres in the first 3 years.

The Challenges 

  • Greenfield code created from scratch
  • Project environment
  • People gaining a better understanding of the issue
  • Coordinating input from four different companies
  • Working in regional areas
  • Constant changing