Who is Tip Top Bakeries?

Tip Top Bakeries, which is part of the George Weston Foods (GWF) group of companies. Tip Top is the collaborating partner on this program of research. This company offer a unique work environment to undertake this program of research as they employ over 4000 employees in Australia and New Zealand.

GWF employs staff and contractors to operate vehicles, many of whom are employed on a shift work arrangement. Tip Top have been on a transformation journey for three years to improve safety across the business with a strong focus on the Threat to Life risks. Driving and Fatigue has been identified as a priority risk within our ‘Threat to life risk’ matrix.

Tip Top is committed to improving the impact they have on the roads, their people and within communities through understanding their risk profile and helping to make sustainable changes to reduce risk.

What is the size of the organisation or fleet?

The organisation operates both light (200+) and heavy vehicle fleets (900+) across 80 depots in Australia.

What does road safety mean to Tip Top Bakeries?

Road safety for Tip Top Bakeries is a combination of their people operating in vehicles ranging from passenger vehicles for their sales staff and management, a range of rigid distribution vehicles and line haul trucks both owned and contracted.

Tip Top Bakeries are currently in a learning phase of their road safety journey and recognise they can to improve their awareness and impact with respect of safer drivers, safer vehicles and improved interaction with the community.

Tip Top is committed to working with all government & industry departments to ensure road safety is a priority and develop leading safety initiatives. Drive Safe = Home Safe.

Supporting Actions Delivered by Tip Top

Tip Top Bakeries's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Kurt ClarkHSE Manager ANZCommencement Date: 29/10/2018Sector: Food and Groceryhttps://www.tiptop.com.au/

    What are Tip Top Bakeries’s NRSPP road safety commitments?

    1. Conduct an internal safety audit and develop a long term strategy based around available resources to reduce risk around distribution centers and depots
    2. Develop poster or Q&A on risk management of deliveries in conjunction with NRSPP. Develop plan to incorporate driving KPIs into performance reviews for sales people and heavy vehicle operators.
    3. Sharing journey, outcomes and approach through NRSPP Case Study and webinar (e.g. where were you 5 years ago to where you are today)
    4. Be part of the NRSPP Suicide in Road Transport Working Group
  • Kurt ClarkHSE Manager ANZ

    In 2017, NRSPP held the inception co-design workshop for Suicide in Road Transport (SiRT) which Tip Top attended and actively contributed to. Tip Top has continued as a partner of the SiRT National Working Group since it was started.

    Tip Top has continued to contribute to SiRT which is now in stage 2 with a major national project funded by Austroads and being delivered collaboratively by NRSPP.