Our Mission is to provide a safer world by protecting People and Property from contact with heavy vehicles.

For over 20 years, SGESCO-MAX – the home of MAX-SAFE® products – has been an Australian leader in developing advanced vehicle safety solutions for a range of industries that use heavy vehicles and related equipment.

Specifically, our solutions cover: Anti-Rollaway, Blind Spot Monitoring, Vulnerable Road User Protection, Occupant Safety, Speed Limiting and RPM Control.

Our key goal is to expand the reach of our solutions to new industries and regions around the world.

What Size Is SGESCO-MAX’s Fleet Or The Number Of Staff Who Generate Their Transport Task?

15 staff.

A Brief History of SGESCO-MAX

1962: Starter, Generator Exchange Service Company (SGESCO) was founded and began operations working in auto electrics for cars, commercial and fleet vehicles

1976: SGESCO moved into marine electrical and electronics working with major boat builders in Brisbane

1980: SGESCO acquired an automotive mechanical business to offer full vehicle service capabilities

2000: MAX Instruments was acquired to take on the VDO (now Continental) distribution rights for Queensland.

2002: Created the MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway Brake System TM to automatically brake a heavy vehicle if the engine is on, park brake not applied and seat vacated.

2005: Developed an active radar solution (MAX-SAFE Reverse Watch®) to detect obstacles at a vehicle’s rear and automatically apply the brakes to prevent accidents and injury.

2015: Introduced: MAX-Safe Seatbelt Warning System TM , a reliable, commercial-grade solution, more advanced than wireless technologies.

2020: Launched MAX-SAFE Side Watch TM and MAX-SAFE Audible Warning TM – advanced vulnerable road user detection and warning system – using radars, and sensors to distinguish between human and non-human / stationery objects.

2021: Transition to a manufacturing business focused on developing safety solutions, while delivering related services through a network of trained and certified Dealers.

What Does Road Safety Mean to SGESCO-MAX?

Our mission is to provide a safer world by protecting People and Property from contact with commercial vehicles. Our business is focused on developing solutions to improve road safety that ultimately save lives and reduce/stop injuries. We understand that there are several ‘pieces to the puzzle’ to improving road safety and hence the importance to work together in partnerships such as the NRSPP.

SGESCO-MAX's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Scott McPhersonManaging DirectorCommencement Date: 12/05/2021Sector: Design and Manufacture: safety solutions for heavy vehicleshttps://sgesco.com.au/

    What does SGESCO-MAX hope to achieve with NRSPP?

    Through our partnership with NRSPP we hope to contribute our expertise and solutions in heavy vehicle road safety to help bring down Australia’s road toll, accidents and injury to drivers, passengers, and vulnerable road users. We hope to understand more deeply emerging risk factors, draw on emerging global technological breakthroughs and work with other members to advance the goals and impact of NRSPP.

    What actions will SGESCO-MAX undertake to support road safety through NRSPP?

    1. Develop a Case Study on Anti-Rollaway solutions
    2. Join a Working Group, Special Project or have an idea for a Working Group
    3. Partner in research development
    4. Develop a Q&A piece on blind spot technologies (now and future)