What sector does your organisation operate within?

Consulting Engineering

What size is your fleet or the number of staff who generate your transport task?

Even though we have a fleet of only one vehicle, we have twenty transport engineers working on road safety. The mobility of workers with regards to their daily commute and grey fleet movements are front of mind for our organisation being focused on road safety.

Describe what road safety means to your organisation?

Road safety is the core of the business of Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd which offers a wide range of traffic engineering and design services The Safe System which underpins road safety and our organisation’s focus is identified as “Road trauma should not be accepted as the inevitable cost of transport. Within the Safe System model, if a mistake is made on the road the impact is severely reduced or negated by safer roads, safer vehicles, safer speeds and safer people.”

Regardless of where our people are located and the role they undertake, light vehicles travelling on public roads is identified as the highest safety risk faced by workers and contractors. This risk applies to both in working time, and in their private time.

What Action(S) Could Your Organisation Do To Support Road Safety Through The NRSPP & By When?

1.       Run conference on Road Safety Barriers March 2020
2.       Provide road safety training courses Ongoing
3.       Provide MythBusting case studies on LinkedIn and share with NRSPP to be captured in the Knowledge Centre Ongoing

Supporting Actions Delivered by Safe Systems Solutions

  • Steering Committee Partner represented by Dr Tana Tan, Executive Director: 2021-present
  • Sharing of the following content through the NRSPP Knowledge Centre:
  1. Myth 1: “German autobahns prove we don’t need speed limits” – BUSTED
  2. Myth 2: “Lower speed limits won’t save lives” – BUSTED
  3. Myth 3: “Higher speed limits mean less travel time, less fatigue and therefore fewer crashes” – BUSTED
  4. Myth 4: “I feel safe so the speed limit should be higher” – BUSTED
  5. Myth 5: “The 85th percentile method works best” – BUSTED
  6. Myth 6: “100km/h is the right default speed limit outside built-up areas” – BUSTED
  7. Myth 7: “50km/h is the right default speed limit outside built-up areas” – BUSTED
  8. Myth 8: “Speed limits are all about revenue raising” – BUSTED

These can be found on Safe System Solutions web page and on the NRSPP Knowledge Centre

Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Dr Tana TanHead of Evaluations and Research

    NRSPP Steering Committee Partner 2021 To Present

    What Are The Opportunities Safe Systems Solutions Can Bring To The Leadership Of NRSPP?

    Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd is a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) working in both road and, more recently, vehicle safety. We work collaboratively with our clients in identifying and understanding their road safety needs and provide advice on a range of road safety topics. We also develop road safety communication strategies that effectively and efficiently engage project stakeholders and the public. We believe our experience in these areas may be of assistance to NRSPP. We also deliver training to more than 1,200 individuals each year on a range of road safety topics and believe that our training delivery experience may also be of benefit to the NRSPP in developing and delivering training courses to the industry.

    SMEs account for 33% of Australia’s GDP and employ 40% of Australia’s workforce. Further, there are approximately 400,000 small businesses in Australia that operate a fleet of less than 20 vehicles. We have noted that a 2013 and 2018 NRSPP article titled, “Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Balancing Growth and the Safety Journey for Small Organisations” and “Slept System: Waking Up to Fatigue Risk for Small Business”, respectively, highlighted the need to focus on SME’s road and vehicle safety. As a SME, we believe that we are well positioned to understand the unique road and vehicle safety needs of other SMEs.

  • Kathy Doukouris Technical ManagerCommencement Date: 19/07/2019Sector: Safe System Solutions Pty Ltdhttp://www.safesystemsolutions.com.au/

    Email: Kathy.doukouris@safesystemsolutions.com.au

    Phone: 03 9381 2222