Who is RTSSV?

RTSSV provides free information, support and counselling to anyone impacted by road trauma.

RTSSV supports more than 3,000 Victorians each year, and their clients include families, friends and colleagues; injured people and their carers; drivers and passengers; witnesses and emergency service workers. A referral isn’t required, and anyone impacted by a road incident can call them for support.

RTSSV is committed to raising public awareness about road trauma and how it affects people’s lives. Volunteers who share their personal stories about road trauma play a critical role in their road safety programs which, with the support of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, reach more than 2,000 drivers each year.

RTSSV provides a safe and caring space for the community to come together. Peer support programs such as art therapy and community events, such as the Time for Remembering and Shine a Light on Road Safety, bring people together to strengthen wellbeing and to advocate for road safety.

RTSSV is a not-for-profit organisation.

Shine a Light on Road Safety – RTSSV and industry Partnership

No one should have to suffer the devastating impacts of road trauma and Shine a Light on Road Safety is a community campaign to raise awareness, to stop deaths and injuries on our roads and to raise funds to support those impacted by road trauma.

Shine a Light on Road Safety is held in May each year as part of the United Nations Global Road Safety Week and National Road Safety Week.

RTSSV encourages people to speak out against road trauma and to shine a light on why road safety is so important. The campaign receives widespread coverage on TV, print, radio and social media.

Shine a Light on Road Safety is supported by all the key Victorian road safety agencies.

Why is industry getting behind Shine a Light on Road Safety and RTSS?

Shine a Light on Road Safety provides an opportunity to put road safety front, at the centre of mind of the business sector, and mobilise them to help support their services.

Everyone can play a part in road safety, and RTSSV encourages the business sector to get involved by asking drivers to turn on their headlights for road safety and sharing campaign messages.

RTSSV proudly partners with businesses who share their commitment to road safety and supporting those impacted by road trauma,

Road Trauma Support Services Victoria's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Bernadette Nugent CEOCommencement Date: 25/05/2017Sector: Not-for-Profiit which provides support to Victorians impacted by road traumahttps://rtssv.org.au/

    What are RSSTV NRSPP actions?

    Road Safety Commitment
    1. Awareness: Raise awareness of road safety nationally through our Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign (headlights, illuminations of landmarks & publicity) this is an ongoing commitment
    2. Support: Our professional counsellors can provide information sessions, guidance and factsheets to organisations whose staff have been impacted by road trauma. Our counsellors are experts in their field and have been practicing since 1999. Our counselling services are free to all Victorians and are an adjunct to many corporate EAP programs. We support broad cross section of Victorians impacted by road trauma including drivers, culpable and otherwise. This is an ongoing commitment.
    3. Corporate Social Responsibility: Highly visible and impactful engagement opportunities through Shine a Light on Road Safety, fundraising and sponsorship. Feature as a NRSPP Case Study

    Supporting Actions Delivered by RTSSV?

    In 2018 NRSPP and RTSSV delivered the case study to highlight the impact of RTSSV but also how organisations can engage with them as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. The Case Study Road Trauma Support Services Victoria: Shared Responsibility – Behaviour, attitude focus shines light on impact of road trauma.