Who is the Road Safety Commission?

The Road Safety story in WA began in 1997 when the Road Safety Council was established to identify measures to improve the safety of roads and reduce deaths and injuries to people on WA roads.

Projects designed to reduce road deaths and serious injuries are funded through the special purpose Road Trauma Trust Account, or RTTA.

Drivers and riders who receive infringements after being photographed by fixed or red light cameras, have 100 percent of their fines credited to the RTTA to fund safety projects.

These projects vary each year according to funding approvals, but are likely to be variations on road and roadside improvements, research, enforcement, speed management, education programs targeting the behaviour of road users, community grants and safe vehicle programs.

The Road Safety Council sets priorities based on crash trends and makes recommendations to the Minister for Police and Road Safety, Hon Michelle Roberts MLA.

The Road Safety Council is supported by a government agency. Prior to 2015, this agency was the Office of Road Safety, which was part of Main Roads WA; but following recommendations in the “Browne Review”, the stand-alone Road Safety Commission was formed.

This changed again following the election of the McGowan State Government in 2017 and Machinery of Government efficiencies;  the agency became part of the WA Police Force but has retained its name and identity as the Road Safety Commission.

The Managing Director, Department of Transport, Mr Iain Cameron, is currently the Chairman of the Road Safety Council.

The council includes members from: Western Australia Police; Main Roads Western Australia; Department of Transport; Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage; Western Australian Local Government Association; Department of Health; Department of Education; Insurance Commission of Western Australia; and the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia.

Supporting actions that have been delivered by the Road Safety Commission

  • Steering Committee Partner from 2017 to present
  • Governance Board Partner from 2017 to present
  • Participated in the 2018 NRSPP Utilities Forum kindly hosted by Water Corporation
  • Promoted and shared the NRSPP Tool Box Talks throughout Western Australia

Road Safety Commission (Western Australia)'s Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Melissa ParryLeader of Policy, Research and Evaluation

    The Road Safety Commission is represented by Melissa Parry, Leader of Policy, Research and Evaluation, on the NRSPP Steering Committee and Governance Board.

    NRSPP Steering Committee Partner  2017 to the present.

  • Chris AdamsDirector Strategy and Operations

    The Road Safety Commission (RSC) believes any death or serious injury on our roads in Western Australia is simply unacceptable.

    Not because it represents another number added to the road toll, but rather for the toll the trauma of serious death or injury will place on the victim’s family, friends and loved ones. There is also a significant impact on business when time is lost with injury or property damage, so the cost and extent of the impact of road crashes is high.

    The RSC is responsible for delivery of the State Government’s Road Safety Strategy Towards Zero 2008 – 2020, which determines the focus of our efforts, our strategic goals and the priorities for service delivery. We’re proud to be the organisation ultimately responsible for tackling this challenge; however, we realise it’s not something we can do alone.

    The RSC needs to harness the knowledge, expertise and interest of the community of Western Australia and draw upon that of our partners to best implement the plans we put in place—whether that be improving the road network, making our cars safer or better educating the community to reduce trauma on our roads.  The RSC has implemented an advisory framework which incorporates a diverse range of groups providing input into policy development and initiatives. Through this collaboration we are provided with strategic, tactical and operational advice to ensure innovation and agility in our road safety solutions.

    The RSC vision is a road transport system for Western Australia where crashes resulting in death or serious injury are virtually eliminated, and in collaboration with the WA community and our partners — we are Saving Lives Together.