Who are Origin Energy?

Origin Energy is Australia’s leading integrated energy company. At Origin, safety is our first priority. It is important for our business and we believe that every employee and contractor should expect to return home safe at the end of every day. We continually strive to improve our performance in the areas of personal and process safety, as we work towards our goal to create an injury free workplace for our employees and contractors.

At Origin Energy we have a company fleet which is comprised of approximately 1,000 light vehicles and 300 heavy vehicles.

What does road safety mean to Origin Energy?

We work in an industry which, by its very nature, gives rise to a range of health and safety risks. Some of the activities regularly carried out in our business range from the operation of onshore gas drilling rigs, construction, to travelling to offshore gas production platforms, through to managing large gas processing facilities and power stations and driving on roads.

Origin has a mixed fleet of 1000 light and 300 heavy vehicles.  In FY15 the combined distance travelled was 28 million kilometres and as a result driving is one of Origin’s top HSE risks.  To mitigate this risk we have implemented the following –

  • A company-wide Land Transport Directive, which sets the minimum standards required for driving on Origin business
  • Installed telematics (i.e. IVMS) on light and heavy fleet
  • Driver training programs
  • Journey management planning
  • Origin is an active member of a number of external forums on road safety, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to reducing road related incidents

Supporting actions delivered by Origin Energy

Origin Energy's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Michael PandolfiGroup National Safety Manager

    Origin Energy is recognised as one of the Founding Partners of NRSPP with Michael Pandolfi kindly helping design and build the foundational elements of the program during its establishment phase.

    Origin Energy hosted the four meeting of NRSPP at its office in Brisbane in May 2013. A key contribution of Origin Energy, through Michael Pandolfi, was that design and structure of the NRSPP Case Studies.

    NRSPP wishes to recognise the contributions of Origin Energy for helping develop the program.

    Michael departed the role in 2015.

  • David ProvenGeneral Manager, Health, Safety and Environment

    David Proven was kind enough to feature as one of the experts in the NRSPP Business-to-Business Video which was developed by IAG for NRSPP.

    NRSPP B2B Video: Safer Vehicles are Better Business

  • Ali AbdurrahmanPrincipal Advisor - Occupational Safety - Group HSE

    Origin Energy, through Ali Abdurrahman, attended the 2015 NRSPP workshop for its project ACT Fleet Safety Benchmarking Road Safety Trust Project. At this workshop Ali with several other utility providers posed an idea, could NRSPP form a Utilities Forum based around the benchmarking project outputs.

    Following the Western Australian workshops and interest from several utility partners the idea was created.

    SA Power Network kindly hosted the first NRSPP Utilities Forum on the 22 July 2015 at Oaks Plaza Pier Hotel at Glenelg which Origin Energy attended. What resulted following this forum was the establishment of an amazing network within the utilities sector. The following provides a summary of Origin Energy leadership as part of the NRSPP Utilities Forum.