Who is FleetRisk and why does road safety matter?

FleetRisk is a ‘risk service’ provider, operating in the fleet-optimisation and risk mitigation sector.

Philosophically FleetRisk’s core-pillar products and services are focused on driving positive and sustainable improvements in driver behaviour. They view themselves not as a ‘telematics provider’ but as a fleet optimisation and risk mitigation service provider. Their core products provide the means of generating the data required to achieve these outcomes.

Data is generated trip-by-trip from telematics and driving-related cognitive skills are assessed regularly. The feedback generated drives positive outcomes; improving fleet efficiency, reducing operating costs and reducing in-vehicle risk behaviours.

Why become a Program Partner?

FleetRisk is joining the NRSPP because they recognise that the fastest and most effective way to get road safety initiatives implemented is to collaborate with other organisations. Their ‘outcome-based’ approach means that they embrace any external (3rd party) providers whose products either enhance safety and/or reduce operational costs.

Developed with an eye to the commercial motor-vehicle insurance sector, the data generated supports the NRSPP discussion paper: In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS): Safety through good practice telematics, because FleetRisk can:

  1. Work with operators to improve holistic safety procedures,
  2. Contribute to the creation of tailored insurance policies that reward them for doing so, whilst
  3. Using the data generated to enhance insurance pricing engines, and
  4. Generate feedback to guide R&D into technical product and service improvements.

What are FleetRisk’s NRSPP road safety commitments and by when?

Road Safety Commitment Completed
  1. Development of evidenced based B2B Video on Cognition, fatigue and dehydration. Delivered
  2. Development of evidenced based B2B Video on Peripheral vision, the effects of ageing, and the effects of speeding. Feb 2017
  3. Development of evidenced based B2B Video on Attention Skills and road safety Apr 2017

FleetRisk has delivered the following materials to NRSPP Knowledge Centre:

  1. Cognition, fatigue, dehydration & driver behaviour – Part 1: The challenges
  2. Cognition, fatigue, dehydration & driver behaviour – Part 2: Safety tips




FleetRisk's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact