Driver Safety Australia's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Russell WhiteCEO

    Who is Driver Safety Australia and what does road safety mean to them?

    Driver Safety Australia is leading the way in road safety through innovative solutions that combine unique program design with technology, to deliver efficient driver training nationally to  individuals, schools and corporate organisations.

    Road safety is our core vision and is at the heard of everything we undertake. Our aim is to bring higher order skills training and innovative delivery methods to both the public and corporate sectors. Driver Safety Australia also aims to continue to raise the need for constant expansion of the awareness of training and education can play in reducing road trauma.

    What are Driver Safety Australia’s NRSPP road safety commitments and by when?

    Road Safety Commitments                                             


    1. Support NRSPP with referral networking opportunities with Driver Safety’s network of fleet clients Ongoing
    2. Share new training strategies for driver education including online, vehicle and data mentoring along with policy development support Ongoing
    3. Promote the work related road safety  issue Ongoing
    4. Provide an additional reference resource to NRSPP Ongoing
    5. Provide oral presentations if and when required along with looking at ways to contribute and provide further resources that NRSPP may require annually 6 months after the award and once the case study is written up