Community Accessibility Inc.'s Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Helen HunterActing General ManagerCommencement Date: 05/05/2015Sector: Community Transport

    Who is Community Accessibility Inc. and what does road safety mean to them?

    Community Accessibility works in partnership with clients, carers and other professionals providing, high quality and flexible services. Through leadership, and a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, we promote social well being and independence. We have 26 Vehicles – including 8 commuter vans (3 with wheelchair access) 2 smaller vans (1 with wheelchair access) and 16 cars .  All our transport is driven by volunteers, transporting clients to medical, therapy and social appointments.

    What are Community Accessibility’s NRSPP road safety commitments and by when?

    As our drivers are volunteers, it can be difficult to get them to attend training.  All new volunteers are taken for an assessment and once they reach 70, the must have a content to drive form signed by their doctor annually or following a major health incident.  We have developed driver education modules which can be delivered on line to individuals or groups. 

    Drivers are required to undergo police checks every 3 years and have working with children checks.  If we receive any feedback from clients regarding a driver, we investigate and if necessary suspend the driver from driving and reassess when appropriate.

    Road Safety Commitments                                              


    1. Provide support to organisations who utilise volunteers as drivers or provide community transport Ongoing
    2. Continue with the development of our driver training program TBA
    3. Provide community transport organisations with access to our documentation. Ongoing
    4. Work with NRSPP to help develop a Thought Leadership piece around ‘good practice’ management of volunteers within community transport TBA

    Supporting actions by Community Accessibility