BHP Billiton's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • David JenkinsVP Safety & Security

    Who are BHP Billiton?

    BHP Billiton is the world’s leading diversified resources company and the largest by revenue.

    It has operations on every continent, including Australia, and significant interests in coal, copper, iron ore, aluminium, potash, petroleum, manganese and nickel mining.

    What does road safety mean to BHP Billiton?

    As a corporate citizen that prides itself on being a sustainable and socially responsible business, BHP Billiton regards the safety of its employees and contractors as paramount. Its Charter outlines corporate values of: Sustainability, Integrity, Respect, Performance, Simplicity and Accountability. Simplicity in Action is defined as ‘focusing our efforts on the things that matter most’.

    With a large fleet of light vehicles, thousands of contractor light vehicles onsite, and both sharing challenging road conditions with heavy trucks and machinery.

    BHP Billiton introduced a global 5 NCAP policy for light vehicles which operated on its sites. The policy is being introduced in a phased approach.

    • From 1 May 2012, new light vehicles purchased or leased by BHP Billiton must be 5 star NCAP rated or equivalent, except those dedicated and modified for underground use.
    • By 2016 all light vehicles operated above ground by the company or used by contractors on BHP Billiton sites must be 5 star NCAP. A new performance requirement also prohibits the installation of aftermarket equipment to 5 Star NCAP vehicles that is not purpose made for the vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer.

    What are BHP Billiton’s NRSPP road safety commitments?

    • BHP Billiton hosted the second NRSPP Steering Committee Meeting in Sydney in June 2012 and the 16th meeting in Melbourne on 24 May 2018.
    • Established the development of the NRSPP 5 Star ANCAP Working Group
    • Established the High Occupancy Vehicle Working Group and hosted the kick off meeting in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane offices on the 24 May 2018