The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) has established the Light Vehicle Toolbox Talk Working Group (LVTBT) which will be updating and developing 20 toolbox talks (TBT) over the next two years.

The LVTBT consists of representatives from Essential Energy, Innovation Group, Gallagher, Light Sail, Super Retail Group, Vero and Zurich who will peer review all of the content to ensure it is fit-for-purpose for workers using light vehicles.

The project will involve revisiting all of the old TBT the NRSPP developed in 2017, updating them and developing new ones where there is identified gaps. The development process will be similar to the heavy vehicle toolbox talks and will be designed for accessibility and inclusion which includes the following principles:

  • Recognize the different types of exclusion and identify what type of accessibility is required by the target audience
  • Use inclusive language that is easy to understand and culturally appropriate.
  • Design for increased readability, reduced friction and better contextualisation.

The new packages will be downloadable at the NRSPP website  Light Vehicles and will be offered through the SafeTeams platform once integrated into the NRSPP website and will include the following outputs:

  • Fact Sheet
  • Poster
  • Quick Fact
  • Facilitation Guide
  • Video
  • Attendance Registration

The first topic will be released July with one each month thereafter produced in the following proposed order:

1          Work Driving                                        Jul-24

2          Work vehicle familiarisation                  Aug-24

3          Sun glare                                              Sep-24

4          Driver Fatigue                                       Oct-24

5          Country road driving                             Nov-24

6          Drive to the conditions – speed              Dec-24

7          Urban Hazards                                      Feb-25

8          Journey planning and management       Mar-25

9          Utes (GVM, dual cab, overloading)         Apr-25

10        Rear End Crashes and Close Following    May-25

11        Wet weather                                        Jun-25

12        Are you road worthy (fitness, sickness)  Jul-25

13        Tyre Care                                              Aug-25

14        Mental Health                                       Sep-25

15        Truck Interactions                                 Oct-25

16        Road Rage                                            Nov-25

17        Towing                                                 Dec-25

18        Inattention                                           Feb-26

19        Low Speed and car parks / workzones    Mar-26

20        Avoiding animal collisions                      Apr-26

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